Kids Concierge Balance Payment


Kids Concierge Balance Payment




Thank you for choosing SC Media, Inc to assist you with your Digital Marketing Strategy.  Please review this Service Agreement in its entirety and authorize the purchase by completing the signature process.


Company Name: Kids Concierge

Phone Number: (941) 704-9669



Website – Custom WordPress Website for Kids Concierge, currently built on, using same features & functions as Hi Sawyer and Kids Tutor Pass, payment options, instant booking, calendar, student & tutor private logins, Tutor dashboard, student dashboard, completing updates/changes as client provides including tutor/student issues with registering/logging in, 100% ownership from day 1, login & owner access to WordPress & SiteGround cPanel, 12 Months of Hosting/Maintenance using Ultra-Fast PhP on SiteGround’s Google Cloud Server, Minor Changes to enhance the site and 7 days a week support on functionality issues as they may present themselves).

Total Cost: $4,000 – $750 for the Website Hosting Included


Billing Terms: Client agrees and acknowledges to the following payment plan:

  1. Balance payment of $1,500 due Tuesday, September 19 2023

Ownership:  SC Media, Inc agrees and acknowledges that the client owns 100% of all pages, content, domains, files, photos, logos, and anything & everything else attached to Kids Concierge. SC Media, Inc does not hold or retain any accounts after separation.

Live Date:  SC Media, Inc agrees and acknowledges to update the site as provided by Client and to push it live as the client instructs.

Maintenance: SC Media, Inc agrees and acknowledges to provide 100% maintenance, updates, changes, and any other work that is deemed necessary for the complete functionality of the website

Fulfillment of Contract:  SC Media, Inc agrees and acknowledges to fulfill the above-mentioned contract 100% throughout the 12-month duration.

Cancellation:  SC Media, Inc agrees and acknowledges that there are no cancellation fees if the Client elects to cancel prior to the 12 months.

Refunds:  SC Media, Inc agrees and acknowledges that no refunds will be provided if the Client chooses to cancel their maintenance & hosting agreement prior to the 12 months due to change of heart, change of business, lack of business, business ownership change, or anything & everything else related to the business itself & not performance by SC Media, Inc.

Money Back Guarantee:  SC Media, Inc agrees and acknowledges to offer a 100% Money back Guarantee if we do not deliver the above-mentioned services within the timeframe mentioned.


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